Due to unemployment, and thus financial hardship, I have changed my policy of not adding labor cost to my rosaries. I hope that you can understand why this is necessary and will continue to support my apostolate. At this time I need to support my family with my skills and resources. I have not added much to the cost of each item -- not as much as most vendors would, doubling or tripling their cost -- but just enough to contribute a small amount to my family's income.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Job's Tears

This link rosary is strung with the unusual bead called Job's Tears. This bead is not a man-made bead, but the hard outer shell of the fertile female flower of the Job's Tears plant, C. lacryma-jobi. The origin of the name is the Old Testament Job who endured great suffering. Many people who string rosaries with Job's Tears also call them Mary's Tears and Christ's Tears. Job's Tears come in many natural colors, from white to gray to brown. This rosary is varying shades of light oyster and cocoa.

This rosary has a Basilica crucifix and Madonna profile center.




His Consuming Fire said...

I love this one...where did you find the beads?

Beautiful job!

scmom (Barbara) said...

I found these at Lewis and Company, an online rosary parts supplier. I had never used Job's Tears before and was curious to see how they would look. They are very pretty -- naturally shiny and pretty colors (kind of expensive, though).

patjrsmom said...


Have you sold this rosary yet? If not, please email me about it (patjrsmom at yahoo dot com).

God Bless,