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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hematite Seven Sorrows Chaplet


I recently had a request for a Seven Sorrows Chaplet made with the colored Seven Sorrows medals and hematite beads. I had never worked with hematite before, but I am now looking forward to the opportunity to use it again. What a gorgeous material -- these beads are deep, charcoal gray in color, and very heavy. What struck me the most about them, however, is that when your hand brushes up against the beads, they feel cold. But as soon as you hold them in your hand, they warm up and retain your body heat -- very nice!

This picture was taken in the sun coming in my front window, hence the strange pattern of light. Click on the image to see it close up.

This chaplet is made with 8 mm genuine hematite beads linked with colored Seven Sorrow medals representing the Seven Sorrows of Mary.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary, also known as the Seven Dolors, are contemplated through the seven sets of seven Aves and seven Paters. This devotion to the Blessed Mother originates in the thirteenth century. On the Seven Sorrows chaplet, we meditate upon the Seven Sorrows the Virgin Mother endured by witnessing the life and death of her Son, Our Lord Jesus.



Julia said...

I love this! Are you taking orders????

scmom (Barbara) said...

Julia, I can certainly make another one. Just let me know if you're interested.

Julia said...

Yes I am, definitely! Please email me details/price/shipping at blueapplefarm at aol dot com. Thank you!

John Arcidiacono said...
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john said...

Barbara -

This is a very beautiful chaplet. I've been looking for a seven sorrows/dolors/swords chaplet, but the only ones I can find is made incorrectly, like this one on Amazon:


It has 5 beads on the extension (like a standare rosary) instead of the 3 it should have.

If you are still making these, I would love to have one! Please let me know!

scmom (Barbara) said...

I do make the Seven Sorrows chaplets, some with three beads and some with three plus one -- according to the user's preference. Please email me, or leave your email address here, and we can talk about materials etc. scmom@columbus.rr.com