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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fishers of Men


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This past summer the pastor of our parish was reassigned to take on the job in our diocese of Director of Vocations. He was a very special pastor to us. He shepherded our family at a time which was important to our family's faith journey.

When he left, I knew that I would want to create a rosary for him, but I had a hard time coming up with just the right idea. I finally thought of some fish charms that I had used in prior years and this rosary's theme became "Fishers of Men" -- so appropriate for this priest who would now become a fisher of men of God.

Finding all the parts for this rosary was not so easy, but I think it came together beautifully. The crucifix, the center and fish charm are all antique brass. The crucifix is a large, beautiful variety with intricate scrolls on the ends. The center is a scapular medal, which I always like to use for priests as the use of the scapular dates back to early monasteries. The fish charm is attached just below the center.

The Ave beads are a smooth, round Ocean Jasper, appropriately chosen for its name and the many colors it brings together, representing the many different men following a calling to the priesthood. The beads are in shades of red, brown, gold, green and gray. The Paters, capped with brass caps, are brecciated agate in shades of dark red and gray, a stone then is formed when small particles of different rocks are naturally cemented together, as the priesthood bonds together men of different social classes, races, and backgrounds. Separating the Aves and Paters are antique bronze and gold glass seed beads.


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Julie said...

This is a beautiful rosary, Barbara.