Due to unemployment, and thus financial hardship, I have changed my policy of not adding labor cost to my rosaries. I hope that you can understand why this is necessary and will continue to support my apostolate. At this time I need to support my family with my skills and resources. I have not added much to the cost of each item -- not as much as most vendors would, doubling or tripling their cost -- but just enough to contribute a small amount to my family's income.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

St. Michael the Archangel


 I recently went looking back on my blog to find pictures of the rosary I made for my son's Confirmation this past year and I couldn't find them. Then I checked my photo files and they weren't there, which leads me to believe I never took pictures of it.

My youngest son Noah took St. Michael the Archangel as his patron saint and Confirmation name and I wanted to make for him a rosary that would remind him to ask his patron for intercessory prayers and to follow his example as a mighty soldier of Christ. And because my third son has a beautiful head of red hair, I was attracted to the beautiful color of the beads.

The beads are 8 mm goldstone, and if you click on the image of the center below you can see the flecks of light reflected in the bead. Goldstone is actually a type of glittery man-made glass, and according to folklore it was an accidental discovery in an Italian monastery. The tiny glittery specks in brown goldstone are actual flecks of copper.

 click on image to enlarge

The center is pewter with the image of St. Michael and "St. Michael Pray for Us" stamped around the edge.

The ornate crucifix, also pewter, is large and heavy and I had my son's name and date of his Confirmation engraved on the back.


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