Due to unemployment, and thus financial hardship, I have changed my policy of not adding labor cost to my rosaries. I hope that you can understand why this is necessary and will continue to support my apostolate. At this time I need to support my family with my skills and resources. I have not added much to the cost of each item -- not as much as most vendors would, doubling or tripling their cost -- but just enough to contribute a small amount to my family's income.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Etsy Shop


I finally opened an Etsy Shop -- Mary Devotions. Many folks ask me if I take Paypal for payment, but I try to save as much cost as I can when I sell on my blog. With Etsy I still save a lot of cost (compared to having my own website), but I have to pass on a little bit of "taking care of business" cost like credit card fees, so the costs there are just a tad higher.  For convenience, however, now you can use Etsy for my available rosaries, and even custom rosaries.

Unfortunately my blog name, Prayerful Beads, was used at Etsy, so I am under the name Mary Devotions.

My new email address for rosaries is marydevotion(at)columbus(dot)rr(dot)com.


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Sarah said...

Congratulations on opening an Etsy shop, Barbara! How wonderful!!