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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Lady's Tears

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I have written before about how Our Blessed Mother has used me to spread devotion to her Seven Sorrows Chaplet. Each time I make a chaplet with no intended recipient, it gets snatched up very quickly. There are so many souls out there that need the prayers of the Seven Sorrows Chaplet, I am only too happy to fill the need, in my own small way. This chaplet was intended for a fellow sister in Christ, as the pink shades of the beads are beautiful and feminine.

This is the second wire-wrapped chaplet I have made, and I must admit they are a lot of work. I worked on this chaplet all day Sunday, with few breaks, probably putting at least seven hours into it. The chaplet has just a few more beads than a five decade rosary, but it seems to take a lot more time. I can't say why. But it's a labor of love and I love knowing that this chaplet will be used for many, many years in prayer to Our Blessed Mother and Our Father in Heaven.

The Aves on this chaplet are 6mm round rhodonite. If you believe in the power of stones (I don't but I do find the meaning some find in stones to be interesting) you would know that the rhodonite is used to heal heartache and loss, help ease stress and for reflection. Our Blessed Mother would tell us that following her Holy Son is what heals heartache and loss and eases stress, and I would certainly agree. Praying this chaplet is a beautiful way to follow Jesus, by reflecting on the Seven Sorrows of Mary as they all pertain to the life of Christ Jesus.

The Paters are 8mm round rose Swarovski crystals, capped with antique bronze caps. The beads are wire-wrapped in 20 gauge vintage bronze wire, making an almost indestructible rosary. The center is a simple cross surrounded with an "M" and the medal is a beautiful bronze Sorrowful Mother medal. The center and medal are set apart with 4 mm bronze bicone Swarovski crystals. They center and medal are hand cast in the USA in solid bronze from antique pieces. They will patina over time and if you wish, you can polish them with a polishing cloth to shine them up again. The reverse side of the Sorrowful Mother medal depicts the crucifixion.


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