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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blessed Mother, Morning Star

"We beseech You, our Lady, that You who are the morning star, cast out the cloud of diabolical suggestion shrouding the land of our minds; that You who are the full moon fill our emptiness, dispel the darkness of our sins, that we might merit to come to the fullness of eternal life, to the light of unending glory. May He grant this who made You our light, who to be born of You made You be born today. To Him be the glory and honor for ever. Amen." ~~~St. Anthony of Padua

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This chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary has a unique combination of beads. The Hail Mary beads are 6mm opal quartz, which are very unique in that they glow, with a hint of blue, even in the light, reminiscent of the moon glowing during the day. The Our Father beads are 8mm Swarovski blue zircon round crystal beads, capped in bronze.

The beads are hand wrapped with 20 gauge bronze wire, making a very sturdy chaplet. The center is the heart of Our Lady of Sorrows and the medal is Our Lady of Sorrows with the image of the crucifixion on the reverse side. The center and medal are hand cast in solid bronze from vintage pieces. There are 4mm Swarvski bicone crystals separating the beads from the center.

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