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Thursday, March 15, 2012


St Louis de Montfort  ~~ "Mary is Queen of heaven and earth by grace, as Jesus is the King of them by nature and conquest."

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I have written before about the titles of the King and His Mother. The King's mother is always the Queen, and rightly with Jesus as Our King, His Mother is Our Queen. As Queen, Mary has great influence over Jesus. Just as He did at the wedding of Cana, Jesus takes direction from His Mother, and she directs us to Him.

"At the wedding in Cana he changed water into wine at her humble prayer, and this was his first miracle in the order of nature. He began and continued his miracles through Mary and he will continue them through her until the end of time" ~~ St. Louis de Montfort

We should always listen to Our Queen, as she will always direct us toward Our King.

The f this rosary is one of my favorites, as is the crucifix. I paired the regal blue pearls with a beautiful soft shade of yellow. The Ave beads are 6mm deep blue Swarovski crsytal pearls, and the Pater Noster beads are 6mm jonquil Swarovski crystals, capped with bronze caps. They are strung on 49-strand, flexible steel wire with light lemon yellow Czech and bronze seed beads. The center and the crucifix are both hand cast from solid bronze.

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