Due to unemployment, and thus financial hardship, I have changed my policy of not adding labor cost to my rosaries. I hope that you can understand why this is necessary and will continue to support my apostolate. At this time I need to support my family with my skills and resources. I have not added much to the cost of each item -- not as much as most vendors would, doubling or tripling their cost -- but just enough to contribute a small amount to my family's income.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ever Green and Fruitful

"St. John Damscene wrote of Our Blessed Mother's glorious Assumption: "For there was need that this dwelling meet for God, this undug well of remission's waters, this unploughed field of heaven's bread, this unwatered vineyard of immortality's wine, this olive-tree of the Father's compassion, ever green and fair and fruitful, be not imprisoned in the hollows of the earth. Rather, just as the holy and incorrupt body that had been born of her, the body that was united hypostatically to God the Word, rose from the tomb on the third day, so was there need that she too be snatched from the grave and the Mother restored to her Son; and, as He had descended to her, so she had to be carried up...to heaven itself."

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The center of this rosary is one of my favorites (yes, I have many favorites). Our Blessed Mother standing at the Gate of Heaven...surrounded by flowers and ever greens.

Beautiful light moss-colored green Swarovski pearls are the Ave beads, paired with 8mm Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystal Pater Noster beads, brass caps, flanked by 4mm bicone crystals, and strung on 49-strand flexible steel wire with silver-lined clear and pearl white Czech glass seed beads.

The center and ornate scrolled crucifix are brass.

If you are interested in a recreation of this rosary or one in different colors, please leave a comment or contact me using my email address in the sidebar.

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