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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Old World Rosaries

Sometimes the combination of beads and metal parts creates a rosary that looks decades old. Sometimes it even looks like it is from another place as well as time. These rosaries pictured today, to me, look Old World, like they are from Spain, or Italy or Mexico. I love the look, though in most cases it is completely accidental.

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 This rosary was commissioned by my husband's aunt for her daughter. She gave me no direction except turquoise beads and bronze metal. We agreed Our Lady of Guadalupe would make a nice center. She also asked that it be wire-wrapped. Everything else just fell together from what I had on-hand. I hope my husband's cousin likes it, and I hope it gets lots of prayers.

 The Ave beads are 6mm turquoise, the Pater Noster beads are 8mm red jasper, cradled with filigree bronze caps. They are hand wrapped with 22 gauge bronze wire.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe center and crucifix are solid bronze, hand cast in the U.S. from vintage pieces.



This tenner rosary was commissioned by a young man finishing nursing school. I love the scapular medal, with the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on one side and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on the other. This particular medal is really beautiful.

The Aves are 8mm poppy jasper beads and the Pater Noster is an 8mm black onyx bead, flanked by 4mm bicone Swarovski bronze crystals.


This rosary is available in my Etsy shop or directly through me.

The Ave beads are 6mm mookaite jasper beads, and are a variety of colors from red, brown, grey, beige, mustard yellow, and sage green.

The Pater Noster beads are 8mm poppy jasper, cradled with bronze filigree caps. They are strung on 48-strand flexible steel wire with silver-lined gold and brass charlotte seed beads.

The center, a heart with a cross in the center (same on both sides), and the crucifix are both solid bronze, hand cast in the U.S. from vintage pieces.

To purchase this rosary in my Etsy shop, go here. It is priced slightly higher to cover credit card fees.


Anne said...

The first one with the turquoise and jasper is just beautiful. Stunning. :) They are all beautiful, but that one is super special. :)

scmom (Barbara) said...

Thank you Anne. I'm sure you have a fondness for turquoise ;-) but it is a pretty rosary. I was a little sad to give it away.