Due to unemployment, and thus financial hardship, I have changed my policy of not adding labor cost to my rosaries. I hope that you can understand why this is necessary and will continue to support my apostolate. At this time I need to support my family with my skills and resources. I have not added much to the cost of each item -- not as much as most vendors would, doubling or tripling their cost -- but just enough to contribute a small amount to my family's income.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Immaculate Conception

"When you see yourself with a dry heart, without knowing what to say, go with confidence to the Virgin Mary. Say to her, 'My Mother Immaculate, intercede for me.'"-- St. Josemaria Escriva

It's been quite a long time since I created a rosary for my Etsy shop (as you can see, it's rather empty). I have been a busy bee, mostly sewing commissioned scapulars, but also with commissioned rosaries and chaplets. I recently ordered some brass parts, however, and wanted to put them to good use. I can only find these parts from an online shop in Canada, and a friend and I split the cost-prohibitive shipping, making it more reasonable. I love these brass parts, though, and was glad to get my hands on some -- they are so pretty and unique.

I used some snow quartz beads, which are faceted and oval in shape. They make for a beautiful streamlined rosary. The snow quartz are really very beautiful, a milky white, and reminiscent of Our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Conception.

“God freely chose Mary from all eternity to be the Mother of his Son. In order to carry out her mission she herself was conceived immaculate. This means that, thanks to the grace of God and in anticipation of the merits of Jesus Christ, Mary was preserved from original sin from the first instant of her conception.” – Compendium of the CCC 

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The snow quartz are strung on a flexible steel wire, with crystal and purple seed beads in between. The purple is reminiscent of our need to turn to Our Mother when we are in pain and suffering from sin, or even just the trials and tribulations of life on earth.

"Virgin Immaculate, my Mother!, do not abandon me. See how my poor heart is filled with tears. — I do not want to offend my God!" -- St. Josemaria Escriva

The center is a beautiful image of Our Blessed Mother, surrounded by a wreath of flowers, and the crucifix is a simple, but pretty, scrolled-edge style.


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